Bill Cipher

Beware of Bill the most powerful being in the whole universe, galaxy, dimension and realms. What ever you do don’t let him in your mind.





Bill’s Friends:

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8 Balls:

A weird green goblin kind a creature but big and tall. Fun facts look at his eyes closily.

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A little man kind a thing, but I don’t know what that thing is.

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Key Holes:

A little man who likes stealig keys.

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A fello who has a moustache and a hat.

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The only girl in Bill’s gang(or so called “Hench Maniacs”) also she has a tongue of a frog.

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A Demon baby which has two mouth. Also can speak without useing his mouth and plus he can send brain messages to everyany.

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A monster which may looks like Bill but a rombus or a square in a different angle.

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A Large Headless Purple Gorilla like monster, without his head he looks like a bread. Also has a party hat on his head.


Amorphous Shape:

A unfolded rubik’s cube like creature which also has like 5 faces.

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Lava Lamp:

A monster that is an alive lava lamp which also have a mini hat.

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Eye Bats:

An flying eye with bat wings, which can make you turn into stone.

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