Little Creatures that lives in the woods, they look cute but they are hostile to humans. Also can puke rainbows. Their weekness are leafblowers and a noise of a whistle.

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Gobble Wonker:

According to Gravity Falls Legends there use to be a lake monster in the Gravity Falls Lake.

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Stan’s weird wax figures:

In Grunkle Stan’s shack there live mysterious wax figures of famous people around the world he bought a few years ago.

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The Ghosts at the Store(Dusk 2 Dawn):

The ghosts at there use to own that store but now it’s abandon. Also they hate teenagers. like Wendy’s friends.

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The Manitors:

A minitor but half man and they live in man caves up  in the deep mountains. Also exteremely strong.

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The Multi Bear:

A bear which has many heads. and likes the music “Disco Girl” which Dipper likes to, also the Manitors hate him because of his personality.

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Dipper clones:

I don’t know if this counts as a monster, but Dipper made clones by using stan’s copier. Also can be instantly kill by water or other liquids, ofcourse because there made out of paper.

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 Rumble Mcskirmish:

A monster who came out from the game “Fight! Fighters!”


The Summerween Trickster:

A monster who comes out in the gravity falls summerween night who wants candy and all. But now he’s gone thanks to Soos eating him.

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A half Gremlin half Goblin the Gremlobin. He has Abilities to make others see their worst nightmare when looking in their eyes and others Flying, breathing fire and super strength.

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This is counted as a “creature” not a monster. His name is Mermando and he’s a nice guy. Who wants to return to his parents but he’s now stuck at the Gravity Falls Town Pool.

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Boyz Crazy:

I don’t know if this is possible or not but some one made them by using DNA.

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The Dinosaur who use to be traped in the Lava Stones but the summer heat melted it so the Pterodactyl was unleashed.

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A tiny like creature which Soos kills the fairy with a flyswatter.

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The Gravity Falls Undead:

A zombie like creature that live in the under grounds. their weakness are A perfect 3 part Harmony song so there skulls shatter and explode.

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The Shape Shifter:

A monster that can change it’s body to anything, people, animal, living things and maybe also Bill.

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Liitle cute Creatures which comtrol the balls in the game Mini Golf. Fun Fact they have many religion, Dutches, Pirates, Cowboys, Miners, Knights and last of all French.

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Another monster from a game. She came from a dating game where Soos buys. And revenges peoples who ditches her.

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 The hand witch:

A witch which steal human hands. And use them as thrones.

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The Clayclopes:

A big monster which is made of clay.

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The Clay Skeleton Army:

A Skeleton army made of clay.

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Time Baby:

I don’t even know if it’s a human or not but it’s a baby from the future, which can speak. Also takes A 1000 Years to regenerate his molecules.

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A Giant Cyclopes like creature. If you look close at his eyes it’s a clock.


The Love God:

An Angle which can make love happen by using his Love potions. And because of that, That’s why robbie and tambry are dating. And I don’t know why but he look exactly like Thompson, Which maybe a theory.

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The Lumberjack Ghost:

The Ghost of the Decendents of the Corduroy Family (Wendy’s Decendent). A ghost who wants revenge the Northwest Family. Also can make people turn into trees and make the dead animals alive which kind of creepy.

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The Cycloptopus:

An Octopus which only has one eye. And what ever you do don’t let it taste Human Flesh. Also it’s Eyes can turn into an mouth.

Cycloptopus eye to mouth transformation

The Probabilitor the Annoying (Yes that is his Nickname):

The Evil Wizard from the game “Dungeons, Dungeons and More Dungeons” which Dipper and ford like.

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The Ogre from the game Ds, Ds and More Ds and friends with the Probabilitor.

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Hot Elf:

I hate this character but I need to introduce. This elf is the archery and also friend with the Probabilitor.

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A beast where the probabilitor has as a pet.

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The most powerful creature in the game “Dungeons, Dungeons and More Dungeons” to defeat the monster, is to roll a perfect 38 on a dice.


A creature that lives in the enchanted woods, and they doesn’t want to give their hair to anyone.


A tiny half goat and half man in one, and can play a flute.

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The Spider monster that lives in the Oregon, has many abilities(acid spitting, wall climbing, speed, web generation and also can disguise as human and eat them) And it almost ate grunkle stan alive.


The horrifying sweaty one-armed monstrosity:

A monster who likes eating people and has one arm and hand on his head.

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Creature with 88 different faces:

A monster with many faces(ugly)

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Candy Monster:

A weird monster that likes eating. And it look’s like a hairless little man.

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A person but always facing left but in the end they knew it was a robot which green little things controlled.

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Island Head Beast:

A monster which lives in the gravity falls lake. and who ever see’s him he will rise up the lake and start chasing you and go above and crush you into pieces.

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The Hide Behind:

A monster which likes to hide behind peoples in gravity falls and the gravity falls lumberjack seen him before.

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Octavia the eight legged cow:

A cow which has eight legs and has a long tongue like a frog and it got it’s eight legs from drinking the gravity falls toxie waste river.

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